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Hoi An is a small nestled at the lower section of Thu Bon River, where it flows into the sea. Hoi An has still carried with simple, peaceful and charm lifestyle, it makes you never forget after you leave. Coming to Hoi An, the wearies and troubles will soon vanish in the nostalgic atmosphere of the old town. 

And now, let us together go on a three day discovering cruise in this dreamy land. 

The first experience day. Nothing is more wonderful than welcome on the shores of the pacific ocean. Cua Dai and An Bang beaches are only about four kilometres from the old town. Riding a bike on your own and breathe the fresh morning air, having fun, swimming in the gentle waves and enjoying the feeling of a pristine morning, is this a good way to begin a new day? This is why most of tourists who come to Hoi An are also choosing the beginning day like this. The morning café in Hoi An is diverse and various types such as the small popular coffee shops on the street or the luxurious ones. Specially, tasting the coffee roasted and ground in Hoi An is also a passionate appeal for tourists. To save time, you can both drink coffee and have breakfast at the same time. Going to the south-west of Hoi An, you will come to Thanh Ha, the famous pottery village of Hoi An. The product is the ceramic village everyday wares, the decoration like, bowls, jars pots, cups and “Tò he” (signs of the zodiac). Coming to the pottery village, you can learn the way how to make the useful wares.

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Finishing a wonderful morning , you go back to the hotel to have lunch, relax comfortably and prepare for new discoveries in the afternoon. Starting at 3 o`clock, come to Tra Que village and work as a farmer for few hours, you will feel cosy and peaceful with the beautiful smell of the vegetables. Watering vegetables with a bamboo pole on your shoulders. The name of vegetables such as mint leaves, shallot… and the farmers in the vegetable village will teach you how to make the Tam Huu dish (including: mint, shrimp, pork and small spring onion). After that, you can enjoy the delicious Tam Huu dish.

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Leaving the vegetable village as while as the lanterns are being lit in the old town. Let`s discover the old town at night. Walking around the old town, the moss alleys, viewing the Hoai River with the glistening light, enjoying the local foods such as:  Cao Lau, Quang noodle, chicken rice… or bread, sweet soup on the sidewalk.

 Hoi an old town - japanese brigde

In addition, the shopping in Hoi An is also multiple and alluring the tourists. The fast tailor services in Hoi An certainly will make you satisfied because all clothes as long dresses, skirts, vests  pants… are made very quickly with high quality. Your clothes will be delivered at the hotel where you are staying. Beside, souvenirs such as lanterns or paintings will be beautiful gifts for your friends and your family. 

The second experience day. Coming to Hoi An, you can not ignore the Cham island tour to explore the biosphere reserve of the world. You should get a ticket at the booking office or at the hotel where you are staying, you will be picked up at your hotel. And after only 25 minutes by speedboat, you will set your feet on Tan Hiep island. The activities on Cham island includes: swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, visiting the pagodas, the old well and the having lunch on the island. When coming to Cham island, do not forget tasting the bitter but delicious taste of the wild vegetable and the water of “Lao” leaves. Coming back to the hotel at 2 o`clock. Relaxing comfortably to prepare for the afternoon journey.


Seeming like you let yourself slow down, more leisurely and not encumbered by anything. The afternoon is also the time you are free to enjoy the quiet moments. If you stay at a “homestay“, you can help the host with a few tasks such as visiting the garden, watering the trees or have a conversation about the ancient history and character of Hoi Anpeople. When night falls, walking comfortably and enjoying seafood at the floating restaurant on the Hoai River, beautiful scenery, romance, or singing together. Specially, the price is very affordable. 

The third experience day. Just one more day, you should plan to explore the seven hectares of palm forest in Cam Thanh with the Eco-tour service, visiting the river, survey about the district`s resistance army bases of the Hoi Anpeople. Moving around the water palm forests, and visiting the Eco-tour of the residents on a basket boat. You will join the traditional games, catch fish, cross the monkey bridge and enjoy a BBQ.


In the afternoon, you should visit the Japanese bridge, a number of the Chinese communities who are living in Hoi An, survey the old houses and go to Hoi An market to learn more about the lifestyle of the people in the old town. Hoi An has a lot of special dishes that you should try. You can also enjoy a meal in a luxurious and cozy restaurants for the tourists… Ending the last day, you should not miss the opportunity to visit the live music coffee shops to enjoy the music and to sing your favourite songs. Only three days in Hoi An, it is only a small part of your life but it will stay with you forever as an unforgettable memory. You will surely this beautiful town with its friendly and passionate people.

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